Go intimate, go private

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Why are we on Facebook, when there are a thousand much more interesting things to do in life? Like going outside, for instance? Why do we communicate with others, especially people of “flesh and blood” that we met prior in person, via internet? Don’t you miss your privacy or those agreeable moments spent outdoors (or indoors), instead of in front of your computer?

Facebook reminds me of those old times, especially in small villages, where everyone was acquainted with everyone and the social control was tight. But then people moved to the cities, where anonymity prevails. Whoever we are or whatever we do, our neighbour next door doesn’t know it. And it is not his/her business either (I mean our private life; I have nothing against social contact).

Indeed, one has to admit that Facebook is very time-consuming. And we spend more time befriending people we don’t know or deciding whether or not we should add our boss upon his request, than talking with the ones we really know and care about. Social networking sites (SNS) are also a form of exhibitionism: you go there to be seen and  “look how wonderful I look with these sunglasses during my wonderful vacation in Punta Cana.” They are a hype, but a hype is per definition temporary, like fashion: today is “in,” tomorrow already “out.” Maybe that’s the reason some predict Facebook’s bankruptcy, due to “social network exhaustion” or because we have “Facebook fatigue.” Facebook should have stuck to its original goal: a social network, but on a smaller scale; it works in the college environment for which it was planned, but apparently not so much in the broader world. Why don’t you try and look at the phone numbers on you cell phone?


Silvia Mendes


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